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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pencak Silat Indonesia "Complete Martial Art"

Pencak Silat is a martial art that has its roots in Malay cilture. This martial art is found in Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and countries bordering the state of ethnic Malays.

Many historians claim that Pencak Silat was first discovered in Riau, Indonesia in the era of Srivijaya empire in the seventh century, although in a rough form. Malay martial art was later spread to all parts of the kingdom of Srivijaya, the peninsula of Malacca, and Java.

But the existence of new Silat recorded in the books of literature in the eleventh century. It is said that Datuk Suri Pahariyangan Kings of the Kingdom at the foot of Mount Merapi, has developed a form of martial arts in addition to other Minangkabau. Minangkabau Silat is then spread to other areas due to migration of the nomads. Malay martial arts reached their peak in the era of the Majapahit empire in the sixteenth century. Kingdom of Majapahit utilize martial arts as the science of war to expand their territory.

Kingdom of Majapahit controlled almost the entire archipelago. Only in the land of the kingdom Priyangan Pasundan that can not be fully controlled by the kingdom of Majapahit. Priyangan royal army is famous for its martial prowess silatnya. Because the area is isolated, and the limited influence of Majapahit, martial arts empire Priyangan hardly influenced by martial arts Minangkabau. Pencak silat is known by the name priyangan Cimande.

Historians and the warriors generally agreed that the various streams of Pencak Silat is evolving today, stems from two styles that originated from West Sumatra and West Java as described above.

IPSI (Association of Pencak Silat Indonesia) defines the martial arts as an integral part of the four elements, namely elements of art, martial arts, sports, and olahbatin.

Elements of art is a manifestation of culture in the form of rules of motion and rhythm that are subject to balance, harmony, and harmony.
Elements Martial strengthen human instinct to defend themselves against various threats and dangers, with effective techniques and tactics.
The element of sport to develop physical activity for fitness, agility, and performance in sports.
  Soul element shape attitudes and personality to appreciate and adopt good values ​​and norms customs which implies politeness as ethic of the warrior .

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